About Us

About us

About Us

academy.scot is an SQA-accredited training academy, based in the heart of Glasgow city centre, with a footprint across the entirety of Scotland.

As part of the Advice Direct Scotland family, we design and deliver an eclectic range of courses for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Our training qualifications are all SQA-accredited and tailored to your specific requirements.

We cover a broad range of areas, including Money and Debt Advice, Customer Service, Management, Learning and Development, Employability, Business and Administration, Advice and Guidance, L&D9DI, and L&D11.

We are the official advice delivery partner of the Scottish Government for Consumer and Energy & Post advice and information and deliver funds that directly support businesses and individuals across Scotland.

Our commercial arm, Social Enterprise Direct (SED) offers high-quality contact centre solutions and has a rich catalogue of experience in developing innovative services for businesses across a variety of sectors.

From customer service to debt support; from energy advice and grant administration to SQA-accredited training – SED draw upon our comprehensive skillset in order to provide organisations with exemplary custom-made business services.

SED is a committed social enterprise; all profits made are invested into our parent organisation and registered charity, Advice Direct Scotland.

Why Choose Us

Advice Direct Scotland have identified the need for accredited advice qualifications to assist organisations in supporting people across Scotland. Our qualifications offer SQA accredited qualifications, delivered on your terms.

We developed Scotland’s first SQA accredited, Money and Debt Advice qualification.

Over the years, we have recognised the need for accreditation of advice services internally, and identified the need of other organisations to hold qualifications to deliver advice to the people they serve to main consistency in this respect.

With this in mind, we developed our debt qualification “Money and Debt Advice GT0V 04 – SCQF Level 7” and have paired this with a range of complementary qualifications to allow us to offer a portfolio of courses to organisations operating in Scotland.

We deliver learning opportunities for all staff and teams in small, medium and large-scale organisations across public and private sectors that promote inclusivity, equality and diversity in all regional areas of Scotland. We deploy teaching methods and technologies that achieve organisation-wide training, professional development for individuals and departmental teams, those with additional support needs (ASN) or physical impairments.

Advice Direct Scotland (ADS) is Scotland's largest digital advice agency, providing free, practical, and impartial advice and information on a range of subjects, including energy and debt-related matters, supporting the citizens of Scotland.